China threatens the world

Tursun Islam Niyaz Ogly

by  Tursun Islam Niyaz Ogly  

(Chairman of Bishkek Human Rights Organization “Democracy” )


The economic growth has sharply increased in China in the late XX and early XXI century, thereupon its military power increased. Modern China seeks to dominate the world. And above all for the purpose of preserving the undivided power of the Communist Party in the country.

A close examination of great imperial intentions of leaders of China reveals that they identify three main directions: to the south, to the west and to the north from China. In each of these directions the Chinese policy, of course, is fraught with dangerous consequences for peace in Asia. To play the imperial game nowadays on any continent is not so simple.

The fact is that the muzzle of the Chinese policy in each of the three directions is pointed at the freedom-loving and progressive country. In some cases, a tactics of gradual encirclement and attrition of the targeted countries is applied, in others – the arm-twisting policy including the organization of coups, in the third – a game of entering into the sinister “unions” and incitement of one country to another country. In all cases, in one or another crucial point, China is assigned the role of patron, that is, in fact hegemon.

Despite the serious economic crisis and mass starvation (in 60's), due to its own policy, the CPC considered the creation of nuclear weapons and their delivery means to be its top priority. As a result, by 1964 China developed the atomic bomb, and tested the first ballistic missile in 1965. China has significantly changed the economic course; the modernization of the armed forces has been included in the program of four modernizations.

CIA Director warned that the modernization of the Chinese army destroys the already fragile balance of forces on the border with Taiwan and represents a danger to American troops in the region, writes The Financial Times.Presenting the annual report on threats that exist for the United States around the world, Porter Goss, in the recent past, the congressman from the Republican Party, nor uttered a word about cooperation between the U.S. and China. On the contrary, he has said that China is taking military and diplomatic efforts to neutralize the fact that Beijing considers American efforts to hold back or isolate China.

As the newspaper writes, the last statement of Goss has showed that the CIA considers potentially dangerous the rapid economic growth in the Celestial Empire, the increasing number of ballistic missiles along the Taiwan Strait, as well as the development of China's nuclear program. In addition, the U.S. is concerned about the EU's intention to lift the embargo on arms sales to China. Americans not for the first time express concern about the growing Chinese military capabilities.


In a recently published book “The Clash of Civilizations” (Simon & Schuster, New York) Huntington depicts apocalyptic picture of a new world war, which will completely destroy western civilization as we know it today. According to the head of the Center for International Affairs of John Olin, Harvard University, the initiator of a new war will be China.

Scenario is as follows. By the beginning of a global war, the American army would have already left the unified Korea and its presence in Japan would be purely symbolic. The economic boom in China (by the time it will continue for almost 30 years, which is not known yet by any economy in the world!) will push Beijing to seize oilfields in the South Korean Sea. It will begin military actions against Vietnam, and the latter will be forced to seek assistance from the United States.

Washington will send attack carrier striking force to the South Sea of Korea. The Chinese will consider it an invasion of their territorial waters and will cause air strikes on American ships.In short, there will be made a fine mess of it...

Generally speaking, all the alignment of players, including the seats reserved in this ominous forecast for Russia and China, suspiciously much like the situation on the eve of World War II, extrapolated to the east. So, at the initial stage of the third world war, Russia and China will conclude between themselves a nonaggression pact (Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact). But China's victory in East Asia will lead to the mobilization of Russian forces in Siberia. There will begin collisions with the Chinese settlements illegally infiltrating into Siberia in the late 90's. Under the pretext of protecting its compatriots, China will seize Vladivostok, Amur River valley and the large territories of Eastern Siberia. “A coup” will take place in Mongolia (almost the Sudeten and the Anschluss of Austria).

The West, cut off by the “Islamic belt” from Persian Gulf oil, will have to apply to the oil sources in Russia, and the latter will join NATO (anti-Hitler coalition?) to defend itself against Chinese expansion.

“In this case, NATO will maintain Russian control over the Muslim countries of Central Asia, having oil and gas, as well as encourage the uprisings of Tibetans, Uighurs and Mongolians against Chinese rule, gradually mobilizing and deploying the Western and Russian forces in eastern Siberia for the final attack - through the Great Wall of China to Beijing and Manchuria”, - writes Huntington...

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