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The 9th PEN International Writers in Prison Committee Conference held in Brussels 24-27 March 2011

PEN Uyghur Center | 31 March 2011

The 9th PEN International Writers in Prison Conference was held in Brussels, 24-27 March 2011, hosted by the Belgian Dutch Speaking PEN Centre, as part of a larger event, the biennial Passa Porta literary festival, and in conjunction with meetings of two other organizations, ICORN (the cities of exile network well known to us at the WiPC as longstanding partners) and HALMA, the European network of literary centres. The overall theme of the Passa Porta festival was On the Move.

Over the three days, there were discussions and workshops on a broad range of freedom of expression issues, some of them jointly with ICORN and HALMA, Topics included the dynamic change in the Middle East and North Africa region, digital media and dissidents post Wiki-leaks, working with the European Union on human rights strategies, the Belarus crisis and freedom to write in China post the Nobel Peace Prize, among others.

The meeting was for members of PEN Centres with WiPCs, although parts of the meeting were open to the public. Around 50 participants from 22 PEN Centres registered.

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