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2nd Ural- Altay Language PEN Centres’ Solidarity network conference

Ural- Altay Language PEN Centres | 19 June 2011

Kyrgyzstan, 23 - 26 July 2010


‘The Past for the Future'

Organised by the Central Asian, Uyghur and Japan PEN Centres with the support of the Aitysh Foundation and Bigim studio, Kyrgyzstan

Panel discussions, poetry readings and films.


The Situation in Kyrgyzstan: Two revolutions and now the clash in Osh The Ural-Altaic language family: Translating epic speeches Epic: the foundation of a new ideology within the Ural-Altay region How to bring freedom of expression to the region.

Participants and speakers:

Dalmira Tilepbergenova - President of the Central Asian PEN Topchugul Shaydullaeva - Vice-President of the Central Asian PEN Ryskeldi Mombekov - Minister of Culture Kyrgyzstan Junsei Terasawa -Consultant to the International Peace Bureau Sadyk Sher Niaz - Head of the Aitysh Foundation

Sultan Sarygulov
Young Uzbek journalists from Osh Shorukh
Akylai Karimova
Vadim Muratkhanov - Uzbek poet, Moscow
Talantaly Bakchiev
Aida Egemberdieva
Asan Jakshylykov
Marat Sarulu
Danil Mamyiev


Eugene Schoulgin, PEN International Secretary
Takeaki Hori, Pen International Board Member


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