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The 3rd Uralic-Altay PEN solidarity network Conference On Literary Translation and linguistic issue in the region

Ural-Altay PEN Solidarity Network | 20 June 2011

Ulaanbaatar/Höshöö Tsaidam, Mongolia 02-08 July 2011

(Past, present and future)

Organizers: Uyghur Pen & Mongolian Academy of Culture and Poetry

Working languages: Uyghur, Mongolian, English Coordinating Organizations: International PEN office-London, Ural-Altay PEN solidarity network Center’s

Topics for Discussion will include the situation and contemporary influence of literary translation among the Uralic and Altaic languages, and especially the difficulties and immediate concerns in the Central Asian region during the transition period following the end of the socialist era. How to address the questions of economics and development, which arise from the introduction into the world of important matters of culture and philosophy through literary and ideological discourse, linguistic and translation rights issue in region. Official establishment of The Ural-Altay PEN network board and linguistic & translation committee of network will follow-up.

Conference Delegates will include about 40 (forty) writers, poets, translators, and scholars from the Ural-Altay PEN network, under the direction of the International PEN Center.

Trip and accommodations Uyghur PEN will cover registration fee (300 €) of one official delegate from each Ural-Altay PEN member centers. (Uyghur, Finland, Estonia, Hungary, Turkey, Tataristan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongol, Korea and Japan PEN centers). The trip fee will cover up to 600 € (air ticket) if your center needs and apply. (Prefer for cheapest air ticket)

We welcome delegates from Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. All PEN centers of International PEN are welcome, the registration fee is 300€ for each participate (the fee covers; transposition in Mongolia, accommodation (6 days) and food, extra day pay buy individuals). The member centers of Ural-Altay PEN Solidarity network shall pay registration fee and shall pay for trip of second or third delegates.

The Cultural Program will introduce delegates to historical sites of the ancient Türkic and Uyghur civilizations, to the complex at Har Horim (Qara – Qorum) the premodern Mongol capital in Orkhon, to Höshöö Tsaidam and Har Balgas, and to the place called Grains of Sand, at the edge of the Mongol Gobi, where there will be a traditional naadam festival, with presentations of shamanic and traditional culture.

Publications The Mongolian cultural periodical GUNU is happy to publish an issue dedicated to the conference, and including work from writers and poets among the delegates. Contributions – no more than three pages in length – should be submitted both in the original language, and either in English, French or Russian, and accompanied by a brief biography and picture. In addition to the issue of GUNU, an anthology will be published of work presented at the conference.

The poetic nature and epical people welcome you to the Mongolia



President of the Mongolian
Academy of Culture and Poetry


Tel/Fax: 976-11-331208

Kaiser Abdurusul ÖzHun

Arts, Cultural Anthropologist
President of International PEN Uyghur Centre
Chair of Ural-Altay PEN solidarity networks

Sandgatan 2,
22350 Lund

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