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Amnesty International Urgent Action !

PEN International Action

China: health of Uighur prisoner ‘critical’: Abdukiram Abduveli

Amnesty International Urgent Action UA: 271/12 Index: ASA 17/037/2012 China Date: 20 September 2012

An Uighur man, Abdukiram Abduveli, suffering from bone and joint cancer, is being denied urgent medical treatment in prison in China. Religious leader in the Uighur community in China, Abdukiram Abduveli, was charged with crimes of inciting counter-revolutionary propaganda on 1 July 1991. On 5 May 1993 he was given a 12-year sentence including four years’ suspension of permission to exercise his political rights. No details of the evidence were given in the court verdict and he was denied a lawyer. During this time Abdukiram Abduveli was subjected to solitary confinement and his right to freedom of religion including praying, was restricted. Abdukiram Abduveli was due to be released....Read more»

PEN International Action !

PEN International Action

Campaign for Liu Xiaobo

PEN International Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC) | 03 Dec, 2012

PEN International, in partnership with the Dublin-based human rights group Frontline Defenders (, will be launching an international campaign for imprisoned Chinese poet and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo in early December 2012, and is asking for your support. The campaign is aimed at pressuring the Chinese authorities at this time of leadership transition to release the acclaimed writer from his harsh imprisonment, the fourth year of which will be marked on 8 December 2012...Read more»

PEN International Action !

PEN International Action

Notice of Action - 15 November 2012 Day of the Imprisoned Writer

PEN International Writers in Prison Committee (WiPC) | 08 Nov, 2012

This year, 15 November 2012 with be the 31st PEN International Day of the Imprisoned Writer. On this day, Centres around the world will celebrate the courage of their colleagues who are struggling for their right to freedom of expression. This year, as in previous years, the Writers in Prison Committee at the PEN International office in London, has selected five cases, one from each world region and each representative of the type of repression faced by writers every year. These include imprisonment, court cases, threats, and even murder. Summaries of the cases to be highlighted this year are given below. However your Centre may choose to focus on other cases, maybe an honorary member or another writer whose case has particular resonance for your centre...Read more»

PEN International Action !

PEN International Action

Justice for Anna Politkovskaya: 5th Anniversary Commemorative Action Advisory

PEN International Writers in Prison Committee | Date: Sep 29, 2011 17:54

On the 5th Anniversary of the murder of acclaimed journalist, author and human rights advocate Anna Politkovskaya, the Writers on Prison Committee (WiPC) of PEN International renews its calls for the Russian authorities to end the impunity of those responsible for the killing. The WiPC welcomes the recent indications that some progress is finally being made in the investigation into the 2006 murder; however, much more is required to ensure that those responsible are brought to justice. PEN International calls on the Russian authorities to ensure a full and impartial investigation in order to identify those responsible for ordering the murder. To mark the anniversary of Ms. Politkovskaya’s death, PEN Centers worldwide will be remembering their colleague in public events...Read more»

Amnesty International Urgent Action !

Amnesty International Urgent Action !

Demand release of seriously ill Uighur: Memet Eli Rozi

Amnesty International Urgent Action UA: 66/11 Index: ASA 17/011/2011 | China Date: 10 March 2011


Memet Eli Rozi, an ethnic Uighur, is said to be seriously ill in prison in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region (XUAR) in China. He has been held in detention since March 2010, without charge or trial. Memet Eli Rozi has requested three times to have three metal plates that were inserted into his arm in 2009 following a traffic accident to be removed. The plates should apparently have been removed in February 2010. His wife visited the detention centre on 28 February, but was not allowed to see him. She told Radio Free Asia that detention centre staff confirmed to her during the visit that he has made these requests and that the requests have been denied. They also confirmed that his arm is now badly infected, and he is seriously ill. According to an interview with staff...Read more»

Amnesty International Urgent Action !

Amnesty International Urgent Action !

China urged to release Uighur activist allegedly tortured in prison

20 December 2010


Amnesty International Urgent Action on Ablikim Abdiriyim

Alim Abdiriyim, son of Uighur activist Rebiya Kadeer, is being tortured and otherwise ill-treated in detention, according to his family. They believe his life is at risk. He has been in prison in Urumqi, in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region of China since 2006 on tax evasion charges, according to sources in China, Alim Abdiriyim has suffered a serious deterioration in his health and shows signs of physical and psychological trauma. He is reported to have said that the prison authorities were “turning a blind eye to what was happening” to him in prison, had not given him the medical attention he required, and that if the situation persisted he feared for his life. Rebiya Kadeer and her family believe his life to be at risk...Read more»

International PEN Take Action !

International PEN Action

Call for action on behalf of imprisoned nobel laureate Liu Xiaobo

1 December 2010


On 10 December 2010 our colleague Liu Xiaobo, former president of the Independent Chinese PEN Centre, will be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo. The awarding of the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo is both a cause for celebration and a call to action. It is a reminder that he and more than 40 other writers remain in prison in China; three of them, like Liu, are also PEN members. Since the announcement of the prize on 8 October 2010, Chinese authorities have tried to undercut the award in every way possible. They have branded Liu a criminal and blocked news reports about the prize; warned foreign governments not to send representatives to the award ceremony; harassed Liu’s supporters, friends, and family; and placed his wife...Read more»

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