Writers in exile

'Writers in Exile' Network started life in 1999 as a result of resolutions passed at the 1997 and 1998 International PEN Congresses that called for an in-depth study of the overall situation of exiled writers and an analysis of the best ways International PEN could be involved. And The Writers in Exile Network chaired by PEN Canada.

The Committee for Exiled writers, in coordination with the parallel organ in the International PEN Center, other organizations for Human rights and other PEN Centers, support writers who have been forced into exile, and provides advice, suggestions and moral or material support, and thereby assist the creative efforts of the exiled writers.

Uyghur PEN collaborated with ICORN (International Cities of Refuge Network) helping to ensure that Uyghur writers who have been compelled to leave their homeland which were not able to write freely. The Uyghur PEN Centre 'Writers in Exile' networks aim is:

Uyghur exiled writes:

This register of exile Uyghur writers list will be develop and expand. Current registered members of exile Uyghur writers:

Uyghur Pen

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