Women Writers Committee

The International PEN Women Writers' Committee (IPWWC) was created in 1991 to support and promote particular issues experienced and identified by women writers. Today, it is significant in its representation of women and their rights within the International PEN community, as well as working with other organizations around the world to protect the Committee's priorities.

The IPWWC is currently active in over 70 PEN Centers, with members from a diverse range of ethnic and linguistic groups. Its priorities are to ensure women inform all areas of International PEN's programmatic and strategic work, and to establish innovative programmes in target regions where women do not have equality of access. It stages a bi-annual conference the last of which took place in Dakar July 2007.

The Committee sends out three newsletters a year in English, French and Spanish and publishes an anthology of women writers, 'Our Voices', of which there are four volumes. For more information about IPWWC and to sign up to the newsletter visit http://www.ipwwc.org


The current chair is based in Melbourne, Dr Judith Buckrich, and President of the Melbourne PEN Centre. http://www.internationalpen.org.uk/go/committees/women-writers

Uyghur PEN Center Women Writers Committee

The Women Writers Committee, in coordination with the parallel organ in the International PEN Center, other organizations for Human rights and other PEN Centers, promotes female writers, especially Uyghur female writers, and the publishing, understanding and translation of the their work.

Uyghur Pen

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