Uyghur poetry reading  –  مۇشائىرە –  Mushaira   ئۇيغۇر شېئىرىيىتى
ئۈرۈمچى 5-ئىيۇل قىرغىنچىلىقىنىڭ 12 يىللىقىنى خاتىرىلەش ۋە 2021- يىلى ئۇيغۇر قىرغىنچىلىقى بىلەن ياشاش 
Remembering the 12th anniversary of the 5 July Urumchi Massacre, and living with Uyghur Genocide in 2021

ئازابقا تولغان نەزمىلار

The Poetry of Trauma

ۋاقتى: 2021-يىلى 4-ئىيۇل لوندون ۋاقتى 15:00
Sunday 4 July 2021, 15:00 London time

PEN Uyghur Centre promotes literature, freedom of expression, and the right to use mother tongue, and works to sustain Uyghur culture in the diaspora. 

We celebrate PEN International Centenary 2021 !
100 years of celebrating literature and protecting freedom of expression !

• Date and time: Sunday 4 July 2021, 15:00 London time

• Topic: Uyghur poetry

• Platform: Webex Webinar 

• Language: Uyghur 

• The Webinar will be shared live on Uyghur PEN’s Face Book. 

Registration on the Eventbrite:–tickets-160995633273


Aziz Isa Elkun
Director of Uyghur PEN Online Revitalisation Project


Medinay Bawudun (USA)
Omerjan Imin (Germany)
Aygul Yusuf (Norway)
Rahile Kamal (Sweden)
Abduljan Aznibaqiev (Kazakhstan)
Kunduzay Hamut (Sweden)
Mustafa Halil (United Kingdom)
Aziz Isa Elkun (United Kingdom)

On July 5, 12 years ago in Urumchi, thousands of Uyghurs, led by the relatives of the dead workers and university students, took to the streets to ask the authorities to investigate the incident that took place in Shaoguan, Guangdong province of China on 26 June 2009, and bring the perpetrators to justice. In this incident around 20 Uyghur factory workers were killed and many others were injured when a mob of Han Chinese workers raided the dormitories of Uyghur workers. The peaceful Uyghur protestors asked the government not to remain indifferent to the incident and commission an independent delegation to investigate. However, Chinese police used tear gas and heavy weapons and opened fire on the protestors. 

According to Uyghur sources and witness accounts, at least 500 people, most of whom were Uyghurs, were killed on July 5 and the following days, while 1,000 others were injured in the conflict. In addition, hundreds of people were detained, subjected to torture, given life sentences or death penalty. According to Amnesty International, in the following days and months, the Chinese government arrested up to 10,000 Uyghurs.

At a time of crisis for Uyghur language and culture, as we confront cultural erasure in the Uyghur homeland, we want to share our unique Uyghur poetry with the world. 

In the face of China’s ongoing policies of genocide towards the Uyghur people, the survival of Uyghur literature, language and culture has reached a critical point, and we need to develop broader cultural campaigns and mobilise the scattered Uyghur diaspora communities to save our Uyghur cultural heritage.  

We remember the 5 July Urumchi Massacre with our poems. We will share our sadness for the past and hope for a better future, inviting well-known Uyghur poets around the Uyghur exile world, and we will discuss Uyghur poetry’s role to preserve Uyghur language, literature and culture in the diaspora. 

Please join the poetry reading (Mushaira) to remember the thousands of unknown victims of the 5 July Urumchi massacre and the ongoing Uyghur Genocide in 2021.

Registration on Eventbrite:–tickets-160995633273

ئۇيغۇر شېئىرىيىتى: «ئازابقا تولغان نەزمىلەر» – مەزكۇر پائالىيەت خەلقئارا قەلەمكەشلەر ئۇيغۇر مەركىزى بىلەن خەلقئارا قەلەمكەشلەر جەمئىيىتىنىڭ ھەمكارلىقىدا ئورۇنلاشتۇرۇلدى.Уйғур шеирийити: “азабқа толған нәзмиләр”- мәзкур паалийәт хәлқара қәләмкәшләр уйғур мәркизи билән хәлқарақәләмкәшләр җәмийитиниң һәмкарлиқида орунлаштурди.

خەلقئارا قەلەمكەشلىرى ئۇيغۇر مەركىزى پروجېكتى
Organised: Uyghur PEN Online Revitalisation Project with the support of PEN International. | 


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